Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"Mindy versus the Monsters" sketches

Here's some sketches and concepts for an unmade short film I wrote and boarded, entitled Mindy versus the Monsters. It was about a little girl who, left home alone watching old horror movies on Halloween night, fantasizes that she's being chased by famous movie monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein's monster (and originally the Wolfman, but he got cut from the boards for time). 

Because Mindy's only exposure to these monsters is through pop culture rather than their original novels, she's forced to use a series of unorthodox methods to defeat them (like rationalizing that the Frankenstein is only angry because his shabby clothes prevent him from getting a date - so she gives him her father's old checkered sport coat and sunglasses).

It was a lot o fun to design and board, but I had to change so many things to make it fit the brief that by the end I no longer felt entirely confident about the story, and withdrew it from that years pitches.

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