Monday, 4 October 2010

"Train Guy" sketches

Man, I'm lazy. Nevertheless, here's some sketches for the potential protagonist (alliteration - It's what all the cool kids are about) of a short comic collaboration (okay, I'll stop) between the writer/designer/animator, Simon Ashbery, and myself. He's doing the writing, I'm handling the drawing. You can check out some of Ash's stuff over at  

The story revolves around a train the size of a city, and it's long, dangerous journey through a bleak and strangely empty world. The main character's an individual who's managed to parlay a free ride in exchange for his services, as a kind of freelance security advisor, to the city-train's hopelessly understaffed police force. Oh, and he really hates drama students. Wizard wheezes, Jolly japes, and misogynistic robots ensue!   

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